Product development


Product development

From tools to special customized large-scale machines, we develop and implement innovations for technology. From the first idea to production, our engineers and technicians are always at your side as competent and reliable partners throughout the entire development phase.
Whether we are concerned with the development of mechanics or electronics, the entire product or only with individual components or assemblies. Our goal is always to provide a result that is convincing you in every respect.

Mechanics and electronics development

Development of mechanical and mechatronic systems:
We understand development to be a creative and methodical approach to secure and economical solutions that are associated with high quality. We rely on direct procedural processes with joint solution finding and optimization in the team. With CAD / CAM systems we implement our concepts in constructions in accordance with standards.

Design and calculation:
We give your product safety by carrying out dimensioning and design calculations, strength tests and tolerance analysis. We can also provide meaningful simulations if requested (e.g. FEM & flow analysis) with the help of specialized partners.

Special / customized machine development:
We are always in demand when standard solutions are not enough. We have developed special machines tailored to your requirements.

Whether automated processing or handling and separation more difficult and untypical workpieces - our machines are innovative problem solver, of course CE compliant including full documentation.

Electronics development:
Whether it is about electrical design, control & regulation, sensor technology and visualization of individual components or entire systems: we develop the necessary electronic intelligence.

Whether it is control cabinet construction, software development, circuit development, circuit board layout and microcontroller programming, motor controls, measurement technology as well as wireless data and signal transmission are part of our service.

Selection of purchased components:
We research marketable components and commercial solutions, analyze their performance and take a close look at the providers to offer you the best possible solution according to your wishes.

From special machines to large series products

Methods / Tools:
Our engineering leads the product concept through the phases of design and development step by step. Each phase can be ordered individually.
As a "full-service provider", we can provide you with complete support on request - from project planning through the entire development until full documentation.

We also take care of the procurement of components and coordinate further development partners if wished.