Peripheral components

We design and manufacture peripheral components to complete a production system required by our customers. These include Unwinding and rewinding units for the material handling of web-shaped materials, infrared heating fields and sintering channels in differently controllable heating zones for contactless heating of the goods, cutting systems in different variants for lengthwise and cross cutting, pick & place linear handling systems for loading and unloading blank goods and winding units in different designs. These include center winders, ascending batch winders, circumferential winders, all with automatic tension and torque control as well as edge / center control. Tension control via force measuring stations and web edge control via edge sensors can be fully integrated if required and operated via the system control.
Peripheral components are::
  • Unrolling devices for roll goods
  • Winding units in different designs
  • IR radiator heating fields / sintering channels
  • Longitudinal cutting systems for edge and center cuts
  • Cross-cutting systems for cutting blanks from rolled goods
  • Pick & Place linear handling systems for loading and unloading board goods
  • Transport u. Conveyor systems
  • Automatic powder u. Granulate filling units
  • Laying stations for material loading
  • and much more ...