Push-bend systems for pipes and pipe sockets

Schub-Biege-Anlage für Rohre und Rohrstutzen

Push-bend systems for pipes and pipe sockets

The push-bending system is a semi-automatic system for the non-cutting shaping of pipes and pipe sockets. The system is loaded manually, while the workpiece removal is preferably automated.

The device can be equipped with tools that are individually designed for a certain type of component and can be exchanged accordingly as a complete unit.
Schub-Biege Anlage
Push-bend system
Rohr vorher
Pipe before
Rohr nachher
Pipe after
Schub-Biege Anlage Funktion

Bending process:

The workpiece is placed on the sliding mandrel by hand. After pressing the pushbutton, the receiving mandrel on the opposite side swivels back into the receiving position, the left and right mold halves being moved together via their locking cylinders.

For the forming process, the sliding mandrel with the attached pipe socket moves into the tool, with a short pause in the end position. The workpiece is then released. The sliding mandrel and mold halves move back to their starting positions. The finished workpiece is swiveled into the pick-up position for the loading portal via the fixing mandrel. From this it can be taken over and placed on a conveyor belt.


  • High repeat accuracy, as an individual tool is available for each component type
  • Short changeover times by exchanging the tool in the modular system
  • Long service life, low tool wear
  • Easy replacement of the wearing parts (sliding and fixing mandrel)
  • Very short cycle times
  • Good interlinking option at the machine outlet
Schub-Biege Anlage
Push-bending system
Schub-Biege Anlage mit Roboterarm
Push-bending system with a robot cell