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to Linnenbrink Technik Warburg Maschinenbau GmbH

Engineering Made in Germany

Linnenbrink Technik Warburg Maschinenbau GmbH is a globally active company whose range of services extends from technical discussions to operational handover. We convert ideas into drafts and create production-ready-drawings suitable for production. Electrical planning is also part of the range of our services. The production is divided into the areas of material preparation, manufacturing and assembly. On an area of approx. 1,000 m² equipped with a modern machinery park, we manufacture all kinds of special machines as well as devices, tools and handling equipment.

In our production, qualified employees remanufacture components for our own mechanical engineering and individual parts and special machines on customer orders. Thanks to many years of experience and technical know-how, we manufacture tools and machines for customers from a wide variety of industries worldwide with the highest degree of precision, quality and reliability according to their requirements.
During the production of the mechanical assemblies, the control components are put together in one unit by our engineers. All individual parts and assemblies are subject to constant quality control before they get their place in our product in the final assembly.

Quality, innovation, punctuality, reliability and worldwide service are the basis for the long-term satisfaction of our customers.

1. Customer-oriented

With advice and action from the start. We are the competent partner at your side from planning to completion and ready handover.

2. Modern

Craftsmanship and high-tech manufacturing are combined in a modern machinery park with high production depth.

3. Networked

Together with our qualified employees, we are your competent support in all areas of CAD/CAM construction, electrical planning & electrical construction, programming, control and regulation, as well as visualization.

4. Reliable

You can rely on us. We work in a demand-innovative, flexible, cost-efficient, prompt and punctual manner on time.
Noise & concentricity tests, as well as smoothing, postprocessing and finishing of gears
Double belt presses, powder scattering systems, granule scattering systems & peripheral devices
Universal forming device, Forming & punching tools, push-bend systems for pipe sockets, pipe bending tools, control devices for exhaust systems, leak tests and test devices for catalytic converters
Test devices for car shift forks, rotor swivel drives for wind turbines and saw partial fixtures
Geräuschprüfanlage für Welen und Räder
Noise testing system
Form- und Lochwerkzeuge
Forming & punching Tools
Lifetime testing bench

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