Rotor swivel drives for wind turbines

Rotor swivel drives for wind turbines

Rotor turn drive with clutch unit

The rotor turn drive, consisting of an electric gear motor and a switchable clutch unit, is used to turn a wind turbine rotor or blade into a service position.

Here, the drive gear of the turn drive can be connected or disconnected from the main gear of the wind turbine rotor by manually actuating an adjusting lever.

The gear wheel is engaged/ disengaged by moving the entire drive unit, whereby the max. adjustment force to be applied is limited to 150Nm.
Rotor turn drive

Positioning of the rotor turn drive

By operating the adjusting lever, the rotary actuator can be brought into either the working position or the park position (= end positions).

When one of these end positions is reached, a safety switch combination locks the mechanism that only allows the device to be operated in the engaged state.
Clutch unit